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While Avalynn Rose was in town last, we had a tip amount during the Sybian shows we did together which would initiate the Pussy Blitz! It was tipped only once during the shows we did. The 25 minute video that captures those moments (with some camera work by SinCityM to get better angles) is available through my MFC account.

It will be available at a special, low introductory price for a short time. Simply tip 500 tokens (online or offline) and you’ll get the 25 minute vid sent to you. In the tip notes, be sure to include your email address where i should send the download link to. If you tip offline, i will send the link to you as soon as i log back on and see your email! :)

It’s an awesome vid, so be sure to get it at the discount while you can! :)

To give you a little taste of what you’ll get, below are a few screen caps from the actual video.


Sophia Locke and Avalynn RoseSophia Locke and Avalynn Rose

Sophia Locke and Avalynn RoseSophia Locke and Avalynn Rose

Sophia Locke and Avalynn RoseSophia Locke and Avalynn Rose

Sophia Locke and Avalynn Rose

How do I send an offline tip?

The easiest way to send an offline tip is to add me to your friend list (SophiaLocke). You would then find your “offline friends” list and click the little icon that looks like a person. It is located next to my name in your “offline friends” list. This action will pull up a menu. From that menu, you can click “send a tip.” Once you click “send a tip,” the usual tip box pops up.

Be sure to put your email address into the message section, along with a note of what the tip is for. In this case, you would say your email address and “Pussy Blitz!” MFC will send me an mail saying “XXXX has tipped you with xxx tokens while you were offline” and the body of the message will include the tip note you added. i will then send your video link to the email address provided. :)

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Pussy Blitz! video now available through MFC, 5.0 out of 5 based on 3 ratings

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