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Sophia Locke’s Cam Girl Mansion 2012 is officially happening. 22 of your favorite cam girls will be coming together to stay in a luxurious mansion in Las Vegas between January 17 and January 22 during the Adult Entertainment Expo. We’re all going to be giving you the shows of your life! If you wanted a chance to meet cam girls face-to-face, then here it is!

Here’s a graphic that shows you all of the girls who are confirmed so far (this graphic will update periodically until all 22 slots are full):


To top off this epic event, we’re throwing an After Party that will be sexy and fun. There are only a very limited number of guests that can attend this highly exclusive event. In fact, each girl who has been invited only has four tickets to sell or raffle.

The party itself will be exceptional and classy. No loud, thumping music here. No crowds of screaming party goers will be present. Rather, this will be a subdued, clothing-optional, fun time in which you will be given the opportunity to interact with 22 of the sexiest cam models MyFreeCams has to offer.

Voyeurs. Exhibitionists. Perverts and freaks. All will be there. And there could be a surprise guest or two, as well.

Tickets are extremely limited. They can be purchased for only 15,000 tokens each through my profile on MFC.

What: Sophia Locke’s Cam Girl Mansion After Party 2012
Where: Cam Girl Mansion, Las Vegas (address to be given out the night of the party)
When: Saturday, January 21, 2012 – 8PM until we’re finished
Cost: 15,000 tokens per ticket (limit two)

No promise of relations of any type with anyone at the After Party should be inferred or implied by this ad.

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MFC Cam Girl Mansion After Party Tickets On Sale Now, 5.0 out of 5 based on 2 ratings

4 Responses to “MFC Cam Girl Mansion After Party Tickets On Sale Now”

  • camstory camstory:

    Are you kidding? 15k for a ticket, who came up with that number? Some insane bargain slinger? ‘Seems a little high’. Seems a little high to me too, that is, anyone who thinks 15,000 tokens is too much to pay fore this once in a life time experience, seems high or just not thinking right. It seems to me, you have the tickets priced too low.

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  • camstory camstory:

    Back by a lot closer to the ground – may explain why I feel like dirt. Judgment wasn’t too impaired though – got this right.

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  • Jim Ott Jim Ott:

    If I could travel and pay for a ticket to this party well, I’d love to meet some of these cam models that I call friends

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  • Galaxysight:

    It appears I will be traveling through Las Vegas very early in the morning from Colorado to California on this weekend. I wish I could attend… Have fun Sophia, Have fun ladies!

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